Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cantor - The Thinker: To Outwit a God

     How does a mortal best a god? One of many questions on his mind. The mighty Ares, at that. And so an attempt of force in any measure was clearly destined for failure. He would need to exercise his cunning rather than his martial prowess if he were to see his sister returned. He had heard of mortals falling out of favor with the gods before, and the stories did not bode well for him. Back to the matter at hand: how could he hope to extract his dear Phaedra from the clutches of the god of war himself?
He allowed a range of bold and daring schemes to play out in his head as he sat hunched over in thought.

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  1. Great. It reminds me that just sitting in a moment with a particular character can open up many new understandings of him or her. Motion is good, but reflection is too.